ABM 2700


ABM 2650 Inversion-table
MSRP $249.99

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This Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table incorporates a new Patented Acupressure Beads Massage Lumbar Pad that adjusts along the back pad for lower, middle, upper, shoulder and neck muscle relaxationWith a Fully Adjustable Head Rest Pad this unit allows for precise head and neck positioning and maximum comfort for users 5’1” to 6’6”.  Unlike other inversion tables made out of plastic, this model incorporates comfortable structured foam, and a durable cover to ensure ultimate comfort.

  • Built-In and Removable Patented Acupressure Beads Lumbar Pad

  • Adjustable Head Rest Pad

  • New Patented Ankle Security System includes a Long Extended Ankle Adjustment Locking Device, Rear Foam Rollers, Front Ankle Cups, and Ankle Security Straps for added Safety

  • Convenient Side Adjustment Pin allows for Uninterrupted Inversion Adjustments from 20, 40, 60 and 90 degree without having to get off the inversion table

  • Patented Front and Side Frame Locking Systems Allows for Safe and Convenient Storage

  • Rear Rolling Wheels are built in for easy transport


  • Relieves Back Pressure and Muscle Aches

  • Elongates the Spine 

  • Reverses Negative Effects of Gravity 

  • Increases Blood Circulation 

  • Promotes Stretching 

  • Improves Posture 

  • Folds for Easy and Convenient Storage 

  • 300Lb. Weight Capacity


This Inversion Table is tested through Underwriters Laboratories ( UL) and is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

Always Check with your Physician before starting any Inversion Therapy and review all Safety Warnings listed in the Owner’s Manual before each use.

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  • Fully adjustable acupressure beads massage pad
  • Wide Body Pad
  • Front extension rod for easy access
  • Foam-padded back rest provides comfort
  • Front molded ankle cups
  • Perfect for stretching, relieving back pressure, enhancing circulation and more
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs