I am missing all the hardware, there is no hardware pack. What do I do?

Hardware is pre-assembled by the factory – they are placed in the proper holes of the base frame. To cut down on missing parts from our manufacturers, we have the bolts and nuts placed into the base frame put through their correct holes.

I am missing parts, how do I order parts?

Our apologies. Although we do our best to avoid this, incidents in the supply chain can sometimes result in missing parts. Please fill out the parts order form for your specific product on the product page OR the parts order form for the specific product you have.

We need your:

  – First name, Last name, phone number, full mailing address

  – Model Number (ie “ITM 7.0S- Deep Tissue Shiatsu”),

  – PC Code (the production code starting PC- that is on the front cover of the upper right hand corner of your owner’s manual)

  – The correctly-identified specific Part Number(s)

  – Where you purchased your item from (please be prepared to provide proof of purchase from our authorized sellers).

Is there an assembly video to help put my product together?

Yes. We do our best to have an assembly video available for each product on this site. Visit the Products page at Extreme Products Group, find your specific product – open that page, and there’s the assembly video.

Is Inversion Therapy right for me?

Inversion Table Therapy is a treatment tool and you should always consult with your doctor and/or other healthcare providers when asking medical questions. Inversion Table Therapy provides relief and health benefits to many people, but it’s not right for everyone. We believe our featured inversion degree control pin helps make the upside down process more comfortable and less intense. An inversion table might not be right for some people. Make sure to read all the warnings in your owner’s manual and consult your doctor before starting any Inversion Therapy.

Will inversion fix my back problem?

We don’t believe there are quick fixes in life, but inversion is a powerful tool that can help reverse the compressing effects of gravity on your spine and other joints – you’ll only know if you try. Inversion is a reliable and effective tool that can help you manage your challenges and feel better doing the things you love.

How do I use an Inversion Table?

  1. First, read the owner’s manual and warnings. Make sure you fit the height and weight capacity. Our newest model 7.5 ITM Big and Tall is the biggest inversion table on the market capable of holding someone 7′ 0″ tall and up to 400 lbs.

  2. Adjust the height adjustment tube to your height. It may be an inch + or – depending on your center of gravity.

  3. Choose how much you want to invert (20, 40, 60, or 90 degrees) and adjust the inversion control pin on the right hand side of the unit to one of the settings. We recommend starting with 20 degrees to gauge how you feel. If you completely remove the pin, you’ll go 90 degrees – completely inverted.

  4. Step your feet on the foot plate between the foam roller pads. Clamp and lock the ankle system down.

  5. Lean back and slowly raise your hands over your head. If you are on the correct center of gravity, you should start slowly moving.

How do I find the balance point?

First, adjust the Height Selector Bar to your approximate height ( shown on the Height Selector Bar in inches and centimeters). Please note that settings are general for height because we all have different centers of gravity. Your specific height and weight ratio may warrant several adjustments up or down on the Height Selector Bar, depending on your upper body to lower body weight ratio, to achieve the proper balance point.

Secure your feet in the Ankle Rollers system and lay back on the bed.

Raise one hand over your head to see if the bed starts to move backward. If the bed goes back quickly, you will need to lower your body position closer to the floor by increasing the height of the Height Selector.

If you do not move backward, you will need to change the height selector setting so that your body is further up towards the ceiling (less height on the Height Selector Bar).

Note that you may also have to use the built in handlebars to assist your body to either move backward or forward by pushing back on the handlebars to move upside down, or pull up on the handlebars to move right side up depending on your body height to weight ratio.

How long should I invert?

We strongly recommend that you check with your doctor/physician to determine if inversion is right for you. Inversion Therapy is strong and should be approached with care.

Begin with 1 to 2 minutes at 20 degrees per session and only advance to a longer period of time as you feel comfortable. Repeat this approach for 40, 60, and 90 degrees.

Advance to 3 to 5 minutes per session only if you feel comfortable and safe doing so.

Keep in mind that the frequency (inverting more often) is more important than the duration (inverting for longer periods).

Always practice inversion with a capable spotting partner (a healthy adult).

What if i experience discomfort while inverting?

Inversion Therapy can be intense, but it should not be uncomfortable. If you experience discomfort, discontinue use of the Inversion Table. Consult your doctor/physician to determine if there are any specific reasons for your discomfort.

Are there different settings so I don't have to invert all the way?

Yes! We are the original innovators of the inversion degree control pin. When you are standing on the unit, on the right hand side there is a big bolt (or “pin”) that is threaded towards the knob to go through three holes, 20, 40, or 60 degrees. If you remove the pin completely, you will be able to go fully inverted, 90 degrees, on most of our inversion tables.

Why should I choose Extreme Products Group?

We at Extreme Products Group are proud to be a global company that is founded and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As a small business employing many people both here in the U.S. and our partners globally, we work hard to continue innovating new and better products in order to compete in a modern day- competitive market, where the supply chains matters.

I lost my owner's manual, can I get an extra?

Yes! Find your product on the product page (products > inversion tables) and open the specific product’s page. There you should see a button labeled “Owner’s Manual.”

Which one should I buy?

We recommend our top selling and highest value inversion table, the HealthGEAR ITM 5500. You can currently get it on Amazon Prime!

My Inversion Table Does Not go Back or Come Forward At All

This may be due to an incorrect assembly of the Inversion Bed to the side rotational brackets.

Check to make sure that when the bed is put in a flat position, the side rotational brackets are facing down towards the floor and NOT up towards the ceiling. If the side rotational brackets are facing up toward the ceiling, the Inversion Table is incorrectly assembled and will not work. The bed assembly will have to be disconnected and reconnected so that the side rotational brackets are facing DOWN towards the floor.

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