ABM 9200

PATENTED Acupressure Beads Deluxe Heat and Vibration Massage Inversion Table

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MSRP $249.99

This Health Gear Deluxe Inversion Table incorporates the latest in advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Technology along with a premium grade Dura Foam Padded Backrest Support for maximum comfort and support. Unlike other inversion tables made out of plastic, or thin padding, this model incorporates thick comfortable structured foam, and a durable cover to ensure ultimate comfort. Be on your way to a better back with the Health Gear ABM 9200 Heat and Massage Inversion Table.

  • Built-In and Removable Heat & Massage Lumbar Pad

  • Easy In & Out Leg Roller System

  • Relieves Back Pressure and Muscle Aches

  • Elongates the Spine

  • Reverses Negative Effects of Gravity

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Promotes Stretching

  • Improves Posture

  • Folds and Rolls for Easy and Convenient Storage

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Built-In and Removable Acupressure Beads, Heat and Vibration Massage Pad with Adjustable Head Rest
  • New Patented Ankle Security System includes a Long Extended Ankle Adjustment Locking Device, Rear Foam Rollers, Front Ankle Cups, and Ankle Security Straps for added Safety
  • Convenient Side Adjustment Pin allows for Uninterrupted Inversion Adjustments from 20, 40, 60 and 90 degree without having to get off the inversion table
  • Patented Front and Side Frame Locking Systems Allows for Safe and Convenient Storage
  • Full Length Foam Handlebars

Our Inversion Tables are designed to relieve back pressure, elongate the spine, increase blood circulation, reduce negative effects of gravity, promote stretching, improve posture, relieve muscle aches, and relieve stress.


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Health Gear – ABMI 9.2 – PATENTED Acupressure Beads Deluxe Heat and Vibration Massage Inversion Table

One of the Leading Brands in Inversion Tables

Extreme Products Group, makers of Health Gear and Body Vision inversion tables, is one of the leaders amongst National Retailers in the health and wellness industry. All units are tested and approved to 50 point safety and performance standards.


Adjustable Head Rest

Adjustable Head Rest can be adjusted in 1″ increments adding up to 4.5″.


Advanced Inversion Technology

Experience and enjoy the benefits of advanced and innovated inversion technology. ABMI 9.0 provides soothing effects with the removable PATENTED Acupressure Beads Heat and Vibrating massage pad making it perfect. for relaxing in your bed, office chair, and or your favorite recliner.

Designed and Engineered to Relieve Back Pain

The convenient 4 position side inversion pin, allows for quick & safe selection of either the 20/40/60/90 degree inversion positions without the use of a lower strap. New Patented Ankle Safety straps, with comfortable rear foam rollers and front contoured ankle cups to prevent calf pinching & keeps you secure for safe inverting. Foldable space saving design with built in transport wheels.


Patented Acupressure Beads Massage Pad

The PATENTED Acupressure Beads Heat and Vibrating Massage pad is light weight and portable. It can be used while attached to the inversion table or removed for relaxing in your favortite lounge chair or even bed.


Removable Beads Massage Pad

Use the PATENTED Acupressure Beads Heat and Vibrating massage pad on the go where ever you may need it! Sitting or laying down.

  • In Bed
  • In the Car – Commutes / Road Trips
  • Office
  • Recliner / Chair
  • Sofa / Couch


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