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HGPT-775 Strength Training
MSRP $249.99

ABM 2370 RED


Health Gear HGPT 775 Pro Power Tower

Designed to create light, moderate or intense full-body workouts in the comfort of your home, apartment, or office, the Health Gear 775 can provide incredible results in 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Our most versatile Full Body Fitness Tower comes complete with our new “SRT” Home Suspension & Resistance Training connection points that provide a multitude of single anchor points for most all Suspension Training Kits. (Sold Separately)

From Core Training to Arms, Chest, Back and Shoulders, this new and exciting Home Fitness Tower is easy to assemble, and easy to use.

Look and feel your best by training most muscle groups in one fitness session at your own pace and with minimal space requirements.

Build and tone muscles, Burn Fat, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility.

6 Fitness Stations Include:

  • Pull Up

  • Chin Up

  • Vertical Knee Raise ( VKR)

  • Push Up

  • Dips

  • Adjustable Barbell Supports

Assembly Video

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